Artist Statement

The elements of our natural environment have always fascinated me and have been the primary inspiration in my work.

I love to see the brilliant colors of a sunrise or sunset. I see character in the trunk of a tree and the limbs that grow randomly reaching for the sky. I find the reflections on a body of water mesmerizing as well as clouds that form endless shapes that can slowly drift by or become an ominous force.

These are the things that I first experienced as a child born on a farm that still bring out the same emotions now as they did then. These emotions that were ingrained in me in the first five years of my life are now what I put into my work.

The urban environment of Chicago was where I spent my school age years however, and it is where I became fascinated with architecture for which this city is world renown.

In my current body of work as always my inspiration comes from viewing the beauty and intricate designs of nature but I am also inspired by man's creations. When I combine the art of architecture with the colors of nature I can infuse sentiments of pride, nostalgia, and love of the places where we live, work, and play.